Saturday, March 17, 2012

Welcome Back!

welcome cat by mrhayata via flickr

AAAnnnnd....we're BACK! Yaaaay!

I've had such a blast creating this new blog. What do you think? Pretty nice, right? No really - I want to know what you think! Let me know by clicking on the opinion poll up there on the right!

I am so excited to have all of my interests and passions in one convenient place - this is really going to make it so much easier (and a lot less confusing) to share things with you!

From here on out, I'll be posting new content along with past posts from my other blogs to start filling in those fancy-pants drop down tabs up at the top there ^^ (ooh! fancy!)

For now, the pages that are currently populated are:

Feel free to click around, check them out and contact me if you have any questions.
I look forward to sharing this new adventure with you and hope you'll send me your feedback, topic requests, product photography samples (for my "before and after" series) and whatever else you feel like sharing.

Thanks so much for your patience. Have I told you lately how wonderful you are? 
Well. You are. And don't you forget it! :)

See you again soon! 
Marlo M. 


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What do you think? I really want to know! :)

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