Friday, February 24, 2012

The Only Constant... change.

Change and I have had our differences so most of the time I tend to wait to make sure things are headed in a good direction before making any kind of change. Sometimes it works, but most of the time change gets tired of waiting around for me to take the hint and starts doing stuff for me.

changedpriorities by drinksmachine via flickr
Well, change has been tapping on my shoulder for a while now and before it does something really drastic, I'm gonna start doing stuff. The first thing involves this and my many other blogs. In the next few weeks I'll be changing the entire look and feel of this blog and bringing in content I previously posted elsewhere in an effort to bring all of my interests into one convenient location...
  • Business topic posts from
  • Photography tips from
  • Gems from my HandmadeRealityCheck twitter series @CreativeMentor
  • Crafty inspiration from around the interwebs (see the archives)
  • Resources to help you with all of the above
  • Information about my creative business consulting, photography classes, jewelry workshops and other classes, events and seminars that I'll be teaching throughout the year.
And seriously...lots more.
So, whether you've arrived here randomly or have had me stuck in your RSS feed for a while - be warned - there is a lot of really good stuff coming your way!

Talk to you soon.
Marlo M.


  1. I'm really looking forward to it! Change is good and I'm ultra confident that your kind of change is awesome!


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