Monday, May 16, 2016

On Catching Up

Does this process sound familiar to anyone?
  1. Start blog
  2. Post furiously for days / weeks / months / years
  3. Lose interest / burn out / life gets complicated
  4. Take a year or two (or three) off from posting
  5. Think about writing again but can't think of anything to say
  6. A few months later, try again and start your post with "Sorry I've been gone for so long...blah blah blah"
  7. Feel dumb and never post again (until next time)
Yeah. I've done all of that more times than I can remember. Every time I start on step number 6, I keep wondering - who the heck cares? Who's watching, anyway? Who in their right mind is waiting around hoping I'll post again after almost exactly a year of silence?

No one. That's who!

And you know what? I'm okay with that because starting over is just starting again. Nothing wrong with starting. In fact, starting is the thing that GETS THINGS DONE, amirite? :D

One thing I know for sure, my current biggest hurdle in life is hesitation and I'm tired of holding myself back until that mystical, magical time when things are "in place" or "ready" or whatever.

So, instead of stressing myself out and trying to come up with some sort of big plan or whatnot, I'm going to take the things I've long considered my failures (like this blog) and use them as opportunities to reconnect with myself! That's it, really.

My hope is that somehow through just posting SOMEthing, ANYthing - I'll start writing things that are meaningful to more than just me over time. That's how it usually happens, anyway.

So there it is. Another start. Another meaningless story out on the interwebs. And hey - if anyone is actually here in the ether-sphere with me, reading along and nodding with  agreement or empathy, then I want to say, "Hello! Hey! Thanks for being here! You are awesome!"

And if I'm just saying that to myself for a time, I'm okay with that too.


  1. Love it, Marlo, just love it. So true. I've only recently started a blog and already faltered....soooo here goes!


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