Thursday, October 20, 2011

crafty.cute: 52 Weeks of Mail!

Have you heard of it? 52 Weeks of Mail is a fun activity meant to rekindle the dying art of the handwritten letter. You informally commit to sending out one piece of handwritten mail each week to whomever you choose. I joined in because I wanted to encourage myself to make an effort to slow down for just a bit every week to purposefully write someone a note and mail it. Not to mention, my penmanship could use a lot of exercise!

This week, I was lucky enough to be a recipient of my awesome friend Kayce's second week letter...and it came by way of the cutest bat you've ever seen (she made it out of recycled t-shirts even!)

What'd I tell ya? Cuuuute, right?

I should mention that the little orange "o" you see (click on the picture!) is actually a hole that reveals the texture of another piece of recycled t-shirt sewn inside the card! So cute I can hardly stand it! :)

Check out Kayce's shops for even more ridiculously cute work: NuetoMe and WorldofWhimm


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