Thursday, July 15, 2010

Introducing: Flat Farm!

In the middle of all the goings-on over the last few weeks, I found some time to make something that has been in my sketchbook for about a year. Funny how being super busy can make you want to do anything except what you are supposed to be working on.

So, yes. Let me introduce you to my new fun-time crafty thing: "Flat Farm" - a collectible collection of clay critters (yep. I really did just say that. ha!) They're all made out of polymer clay and measure about 1" square. I'm having a so much making them...

Here are a few of the residents that live there:

flat pig (with corn)

flat cow (with cowpie :)

flat chicken (with egg)

 flat cat (with flat mouse, of course!)

In the works: Flat Farmer and more flat friends! Available SOON.
(I couldn't wait until they were listed in my Etsy shop...I just had to share...cute huh? ;)

oh...and here's a good pic of their "flatness"

egg looks worried, doesn't he?


  1. My fav is flat cow, esp since he comes with his own cowpie!

  2. I think I might need the cow and cowpie - haha! Love that. No, correction, love them all. glad to see someone else has the same issues with craft A.D.D.

    Are you going to bring them so I can see them in person?

  3. I love the piggie! But the profile view of the chicken is super cute too.

  4. OMG I love them all, can you make me a flat farm world and I can live in it forever and ever. If I have to choose, I choose cow but really, you killed me just there, making me narrow it down.

  5. These are definately adorable, and I love everything MINI! cute!


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