Monday, February 1, 2010

I Went for a Walk...

I was in a cute little neighborhood tucked away between busy streets. A little quiet piece of the city with the cute houses and interesting landscaping. The air was fresh, the sky was clear and my mind was instead of getting into my car, I went for a little walk.

For those of you who are walkers - this experience is nothing new to you. I oftentimes hear my friends saying, "Oh I love going for walks" and "You see the most interesting stuff when you just take the time to w-a-l-k." But it has never been my thing. I'm from LA - where you would drive 1/2 a block if it meant you didn't have to walk allllll that way. (sheesh)

I made it about 10 blocks when I came across this interesting site:

Random metal objects stuck to a fence...
It was an unexpected and wonderful find. Seemingly random objects nailed to a wooden fence. Then, when you look a little closer, it seems that there is a bit of categorization taking place...with just enough randomness thrown in for sport.

The centerpiece of the installation was this:

Magnetic Poetry - community style

I started to feel a little self conscious about taking photos of a stranger's fence, so I wasn't brave enough to compose my own poem...but the idea that I *could* have was enough to make me giggle.

I think more walks are in my future...when the weather gets better ;)


  1. Love it!

    -Dave Kapell
    Inventor of Magnetic Poetry

  2. Wow - good for you for stepping outside your box! I'm not sure I'd have the same results in my neighborhood :)

  3. omg. I love that Dave Kapell - Inventor of Magnetic Poetry left a comment on MY blog! How totally awesome! :D


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