About Marlo M.

Yep. I'm all about the cute stuff. I am a jeweler by trade, crafter of sewn things, teacher of techniques and mentor / arts business consultant for emerging artists. I also happen to be the current organizer of etsyRAIN.com – an active community of over 1500 artists who reside in the Puget Sound region and own independent shops on Etsy.com. In my spare time I like to...yeah. Who am I kidding? :)

UPDATE: As of 2014, etsyRAIN is changing our identity to be a more inclusive creative community for the makers in and around Seattle and the greater Puget Sound! Learn more about or new adventures at SeattleHandmade.com

Marlo Miyashiro (a.k.a. IMakeCuteStuff) has been in the retail and wholesale handmade craft industries for over 20 years, creating and selling her line of hand-fabricated sterling silver jewelry to over 200 stores across the country and abroad. She enthusiastically shares the knowledge she has gained along the way by helping artists learn how to make jewelry, grow their businesses and improve their small object photography.


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