Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What Have You Done Right Lately?

I know the value of self-improvement. 

I strive for it every day. In fact, like a lot of people, I spend most of my days thinking about the things I need to do, fix, and improve about myself and the way I go about my life.

Sometimes the thoughts help me motivate and get to the next step, sometimes they just push me deeper into depression. On my darker days it saps my energy to the point where I can't even move.

But ask me what I've done right lately and you'll likely be met with a deer-in-the-headlights kind of blinking stare because more often than not, I don't stop to take the time to fully acknowledge the good things that I've made happen.

We all know that it takes courage to be vulnerable and to share the things that didn't work out, but I really think it takes a similar kind of courage to stand up for yourself and admit what went right!

There's a balance to be had in there somewhere, of course. It is all important, valid, and I think it's necessary for us to keep both sides in view.

So, I ask again - What have YOU done right lately?


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