Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My CreativeLive Classes are Tomorrow!

Hello everyone from CreativeLive land!
Ooh boy. I'm writing this the evening before my big CreativeLive classes. I'm super nervous but excited at the same time! I know it will go well though because I have an amazing community of people all rooting for me...and I am SO grateful!

If you want to check out the classes, if you're reading this on Thursday, March 5, 2015, you can go to the CreativeLive site and watch me streaming live!

9am to 12pm: Etsy 101 - Launching Your Online Shop
12:45pm to 4pm: SEO for Etsy

If you're reading this after March 5th, then you'll see a link to purchase the classes there so you can get all the videos plus all the bonus materials I put together too - including my new e-books
"Handmade Value - a pricing guide for artists and craft makers" with the 101 class
And "Small Object Photography for Online Sellers" with the SEO class!

I am also offering a bonus FREE link list for signing up for my upcoming newsletter over at - it would be awesome if you'd join me there :)

Okay. I'd better go get some sleep. I'll see you online!


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