Wednesday, February 11, 2015

This Time, It's Personal...

The thing I probably love the most about the internet is how it just keeps going.

I mean, really. I can drop the ball, get busy, focus my energies elsewhere, and any number of other reasons for a year-long absence from blogging - but the absolute and ultimately comforting reality is: the ONLY thing that matters is TODAY.

And I honestly don't mean that in a dismissive way.

What I mean is that LIFE goes on. I've spent the last year feeling badly about not posting and not saying anything about not posting and then at some point feeling ridiculous that I had convinced myself that any of it really mattered.

So now, with expectations erased, I am declaring this space a place for me to post my thoughts and share things I find interesting, important, or just plain silly. I'll also take time to talk about some behind the scenes stuff from my soon-to-be revived business blogs where I'll share business advice and photography tips once again.

In addition to all of that, I also want this space to be about YOU, lovely reader. Yes. You. All one or two of you at this point, but perhaps more sometime in the near future. I want to tell your story and share your creativity with anyone who might happen by. Stories about life and craft and the changes we all go through. I mean, why not? You are interesting, important, and just plain silly sometimes, right?

But that's about it. No real "blogging for success" plan here. Just me writing to you and being as real as I can be.

That's it :)

Until next time...


  1. Hi, Marlo! Congrats on getting back on the horse!
    I ended up over here after checking the Creative Live site...I am so looking forward to learning more about Etsy SEO (something I'm TERRIBLE at).

    1. Hi Jenny! Thank you SO much for your kind words! Yeah...SEO is daunting to be sure! Sometimes the only way I can get over the "big-ness" of thigns like that is to teach a class about it...haha! :D See you in class!

  2. Keeping it! :) Never get tired of that reminder! Looking forward to future posts!

  3. Hi Christine! Thanks so much for stopping by :D Yeah...keeping it real. It's a good goal to have. More of that will be coming from me now that I know how awesome it feels :) haha! Hugs to you! - M


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