Monday, June 21, 2010

The Summit of Awesome was...

...of course - AWESOME!

The organizers at Hello Craft were amazing, the classes were informative, my presentation on pricing went swimmingly well and to top it all off, having a chance to hang out with crafty peeps for three whole days was the most delicious icing on the cake! Or maybe I should say the most delicious Hollandaise on my Benedict:

This masterpiece Eggs Benedict was prepared and consumed at Rosalie's favorite (and now, MY new favorite) place to eat in Portland: Slappy Cakes! It had the most amazing flavors: sundried tomato, spinach, prosciutto, covered creamy hollandaise sauce with the most perfectly seasoned potatoes I've had in a long time. NOM-a-li-cious!

Not only was the Benedict great, but the way you get to eat your pancakes is totally fun too:

A HUGE griddle is in the center of your table -- kind of like a Korean BBQ grill but for PANCAKES! They offer a pretty big selection of batters and toppings. The batter comes to you in a squeeze bottle so you get to be your creative self and make your flapjacks the way you want them. Sign your name in pancake batter? No problem! Here's a tip: If you like the taste of ginger, definitely try the ginger pancake batter -- it was SO good!

Yep. Bet you never guessed this was going to turn into a food post, huh? Surprise! heehee ;)
More about the (actual) Summit of Awesome coming soon...


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