Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday NOMs...

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have some great friends who have birthdays close to mine and love to eat as much as I do! For my birthday, my friend Marja took me out to lunch to Circa in West Seattle. I ordered my favorite Marinated Flank Steak Salad (yes, *salad* LOL!). It was so NOMmy I totally forgot take a photo. Again. Take my word for was as beautiful as it was GOOD to eat! :)

A few days later it was Marja's birthday so I returned the favor and took her for her very first adventure to Lunchbox Laboratory in Ballard...

where the magic happens...

The Laboratory is pretty small, so we ended up taking our food to go -- which was probably the best thing because we were able to take our time to eat the monstrosities that came at us from the grill:

"Truffle Love", Sweet Potato Fries and Tater Tots with Bacon Salt

It was my first real burger in a LONG time (since the gallbladder incident) and I have to say - it was pretty darned incredible. The only thing I'd really change about it is that there was WAY too much Bacon! I know what you're thinking, "No such thing as too much bacon!" -- But seriously. There was the about a 1/4 lb. of bacon on top of my 1/4 lb. patty of beef! I know because I ended up taking almost all of it off just so I could taste the truffle mayo. Once the bacon was off of there though...O.M.G. = NOM

That should be enough of the ridiculous burger action for me...until next year that is :)


  1. Oooooh my! Well, that picture is making my mouth water. I was hoping to make it to lunch in one piece!

  2. Only the best birthday nom week, ever!! :)


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