Wednesday, April 27, 2011 Island Scene Sailboat Automaton by cartoonmonster

Aaaaand...I'm back from the depths of "Flu-ville". Yikes. 
I sincerely hope you and yours have avoided that nasty bug
that's been going around. Not. Fun. At. All. 

All I could think of the whole time while cooped up in my house was 
WHEN am I ever going to get OUT of here!?!

Something like this would have taken the edge off, I'm sure...

Their shop contains many other amazing moving works of sure to check it out!

What's that? You want to know what song I'm thinking of right now?
Well...of course I'll share!

**Saaaailing...takes me awaaaaaay...
to where I've always heard it could be...**

You're welcome. heehee! ;)


  1. It's beautiful! Too bad that it is already sold! =O
    Happy belated Mothers Day (if that applies, and if not, happy Spring Day! lol)



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