Thursday, January 20, 2011

cute.crafts: Make Your Own Sewing Machine! (sort of...)

Have I ever mentioned how much I love paper? Yeah. Paper is pretty great. You can do so much with it! I'm pretty sure the only reason I didn't become a scrapbooker is that I don't have kids and I'm much too busy to take the time to make complicated things about my cat.

However...I'm sure I can make time to make THIS uber-cute pattern set from FantasticToys via Etsy:

I'm not sure how they did the thread spools, but it sure is a nice touch. 

What kinds of patterns have you purchased on Etsy?
I'd love to know...please comment below!


  1. I love anything paper to! This is so cute. Have you tried embossing and quilling? I discovered them recently and love them.

    Mazie -


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