Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NOM of the Week...

It's been a while since my last NOM of the week. I fully blame my inability to have my camera at the ready before I start devouring my meal. Perhaps I need to move on to snack foods for a bit. So here's something I found calling my name whilst picking up my prescriptions at Costco the other day...

"Lucious" LemonTea Cookies by Sweet Williams
made with powdered sugar, pastry flour, butter, lemon juice and vanilla extract

Yeah, they spelled the word "Luscious" wrong (or perhaps they are made by someone with the name "Lucious"? ;) but after tasting them I can forgive them that oversight. These cookies are super buttery, pleasantly lemony and SO so NOM-y! They almost make me want to try to make them on my own...ALmost. (I'm so NOT a baker / cook)

I might need help finishing these off before I hurt myself. Want some?


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