Thursday, February 18, 2010

NOM of the week...

What can I say? I am the luckiest girl in the world. My guy is currently on a quest to create...well actually, RE-create the best homemade pizza that he accidentally made once about a month ago. Using all-organic ingredients he makes the dough from scratch and is even working toward making his own sauce. Lucky me - I get to be a taste-tester for his lovely experiments...(those oily looking drips on the top of the pizza is actually Tabasco sauce...I loooooves me some Tabasco on my pizza! NOM!)

Homemade the best guy in the world :)

The secret to amazing tasting homemade pizza sauce? Fennel. Yep. Not a spice that I immediately think of when thinking pizza sauce...well, honestly EVer...but if you're into making your own pizza sauce, I highly recommend using a dash (maybe 1/4 tsp.) of the stuff. It seriously makes ALL the difference in the world!

I'm gonna go raid the fridge to see if there's any pizza left. See ya!


  1. That looks SOOOOOO good! My stomach is mad at me for even looking at it :)


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