Friday, February 5, 2010

NOM of the week...

This week's NOM is all about the caffeine.
Seattle-ites KNOW coffee. Whether it's your "thing" or not, most of us that live here know a little something about coffee.

For instance, it is a given that a latte from a small independent coffee house is much better than one from the big-box shops. Of course right? The coffee is smoother, the foam is creamier and it all tastes SO good. The smaller shop space is comforting, the tick-tacking away at laptops feels productive and the whole experience feels...well, more personal.

Such is the case over at Herkimer Coffee in Phinney Ridge on Greenwood Ave N:

A heart from Herkimer Coffee...

According to their site, they roast their own coffee...and yes...YES they deliciously do. They've got a whole room of impressive roasters in the back and the handcrafted quality really does make a difference.

Visit your local independent coffee house and support their efforts. Small Business FTW! :)


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